Two player fightstick

Two Player Portable Arcade - Fight Stick For Raspberry Pi RetroPie Start with adding 4xM2.5 standoffs and nuts to the Raspberry Pi. Secure it to the base panel using 4xM2.5 screws. Secure the two USB encoders with M2 screws and nuts. Add wires to all buttons. Polarity doesn’t matter for buttons, you can connect the... Continue Reading →

Portable Arcade Fight Stick

Play all of your favourite retro arcade games at home without taking up the room or costing as much as a full-sized arcade cabinet. Features arcade-style buttons and joystick.With designated space to fit Raspberry Pi inside.

DIY Fightstick for Raspberry Pi

Secure the USB encoder to the base panel with M2x8 screws. Add the two side panels and secure them with M3x12 screws. Do not fully tightem them yet, this will make it easier to add the rest of the panels later. Add the two 24mm Push Buttons to the front panel. Secure the front panel... Continue Reading →

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