Word Clock with Arduino, 1307 RTC and 64 RGB LED Matrix

Word Clock



Laser Cut Acrylic panels
Arduino Nano
8×8 RGB LED Matrix
1307 Real Time Clock
Pixel Guard
Letters Panel
Screws and nuts
USB Cable


Secure the Arduino and RTC to the bottom panel.


Add the side panels. Do not tighten the screws fully yet.

arduino word clock assembly -1

Secure the LED Matrix To the middle panel.

arduino word clock assembly 2

Connect the wires.

Arduino RTC

A2 — GND

A3 — VCC

A4 — SDA

A5 — SCL

Arduino LED Matrix


+5V — +5V

D8 — D

arduino word clock assembly 3

Add the led matrix, pixel guard,diffuser paper, letters panel and top panel. Make sure to put them in the right orientation as shown in the images.





arduino word clock assembly 8


You will need the Arduino IDE to upload the code.

You will also need to install some libraries if you don’t already have them. Follow this tutorial if you don’t know how to install libraries.

Install the following libraries:



Download the code from github by clicking Download ZIP.


Once done, open the sketch and select:

Tools – Board – Arduino Nano

Tools – Processor – ATmega328

Tools – Port – select the port to which the Arduino is connected.

And Press Upload.

If the Arduino is not recognised install the CH340G driver.

When uploaded, time will be set automatically to the current time on your computer.

If you want to reset the RTC, comment out the if statement as shown in the image below. Once you reset the RTC upload the original sketch without commenting the if statement.


Demo video of what it looks like in action.

Video Assembly Guide.


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